Dare To Compare

THE HAY-MIZER® vs. Conventional hay feeders

THE HAY-MIZER® is 95% efficient when feeding hay, keeping more of as food and less as bedding.

When comparing THE HAY-MIZER® to conventional ring feeders or other “hay saving” feeders, it’s startling to see the amount of wasted hay on the ground from the traditional feeding methods.

Conventional Feeder Waste

Ring feeders allow a large percentage of the hay to be wasted as the cattle pull hay out of the feeder to eat, resulting in the hay being used as expensive bedding!


With hay prices today, how much is this feeder really costing you?

Even other so called “hay saving” feeders waste a lot of hay. Notice the hay falling out of the bottom of those feeders, as well as being pulled out by cattle.

When feeding with a ring feeder and the feeder moves locations, there are piles of wasted hay left behind. When utilizing the wooden floor feature of THE HAY-MIZER® system, hay is saved  from being bedding on the ground.

Save Your Money


Very little hay gets pulled out of THE HAY-MIZER®, preventing excessive waste buildup and expensive feed being used as bedding.

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